Youth Idea Generation Lab in Osh and Chon-Kemin
June 24-28 and July 4-8, 2022

The Youth Laboratory for the Generation of Ideas is a space for increasing the capacity of young people to solve social problems and promote inter-religious dialogue. Participants in the laboratory are representatives of various religions and beliefs in Kyrgyzstan. The labs were held as part of the #unity_in_diversity movement.

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On July 14 in the city of Naryn a meeting of representatives of various religions and denominations of Naryn province is being held to discuss the formation of a regional Interfaith Council. The purpose of the event is to strengthen inter-religious dialogue and promote positive interaction between representatives of different religious denominations.


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On March 29, members of the Inter-Faith Council of Kyrgyzstan gathered for a joint subbotnik and tree planting in the new Yntymak Park at the intersection of Toktonalieva and Masalieva Streets (Dushanbinka-Magistral).




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General meeting of CRI members
December 9, 2021, Bishkek, KRSU

On December 9, within the walls of KRSU, we told our like-minded people and partner organizations about the achievements of the Center.

So, from 2020 to 2021, we were actively engaged in research activities, the results of which are published in the following materials:

- “Study of foreign terrorist fighters”;

- “Radicalization Online: Analyzing the Narratives of Violent Extremism in Central Asia”;

- “Institutional opportunities of the Kyrgyz Republic for repatriation, rehabilitation and reintegration of women and children”.

Conducted educational projects:

- “Unity in diversity”;

- trainings for lawyers, judges and government agencies.

Assisted in the improvement of the NPA on freedom of religion:

- The concept of state policy in the religious sphere;

- Draft Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Freedom of Religion and Activities of Religious Associations in the Kyrgyz Republic”.

- Submission of an alternative report on freedom of religion and belief and human rights in the religious sphere for consideration by the Periodic Report of the Kyrgyz Republic (CCPR/C/KGZ/3) on the ICCPR 17.08.2020

Our goal for the next year is to create an analytical platform for studying the religious situation in Kyrgyzstan and beyond. To this end, we plan to carry out work to increase the expert potential of employees, partners and friends of the Center.

Work continues on filling the official website of the CRI - rcrskg.org , where you can find electronic versions of studies, reference books, analytical notes, communication strategies and collections of articles.

We express our gratitude to all participants of the final presentation of the Center and emphasize our readiness for further cooperation.