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February 19 - Professional Day of Religious Studies


In honor of this important date, the UNESCO Chair in World Culture and Religions Studies and the Center for Studies of Religion held two student events: initiation of junior students into religious studies and religious studies Quiz.


According to the department tradition, senior students and alumni organized a quest and a religious studies initiation ceremony. Symbolic tapes, attributes of various religions, instructions of practitioners and a feeling of unity created the very atmosphere in which future specialists gain understanding and destination of their profession.

Educational exhibition "The Way of the Bible: from Sinai to Kyrgyzstan"


From May 13 to May 17, at the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, the UNESCO Chair for the Study of World Culture and Religions and the Bible Society of Kyrgyzstan organized an exhibition “The Path of the Bible from Sinai to Kyrgyzstan” , where copies of ancient bibles, information banners, layouts, videos telling about the history of writing, distribution and the first translations of the Bible.

The exhibition was guided by the CRI volunteer wing and students of the UNESCO Chair for the Study of World Culture and Religions.

Intellectual games for students Quiz Night


The Center periodically holds educational games for young people in the quiz format. The topics of the questions are related to the sphere of religion: history, culture, interreligious dialogue, the right to freedom of religion, religion and  cinema, etc.

Latest games:

19.02.22 for religious studies students

09.12.21 among students of different universities and specialties in Ch. corps of KRSU

23.02.21 as part of the youth camp "Unity in Diversity"

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