The aim of the project is to promote interreligious dialogue and improve the skills of positive interaction among young people in the multi-confessional environment of Kyrgyzstan.

The idea of the project was proposed by CRI volunteers and is based on the idea of “peer to peer”, which involves young people in development and communication under the guidance of experienced mentors.

“Kyrgyzstan is a multinational and polyconfessional country. We, like others, are concerned about the growth of radicalization in society, especially among young people from other regions. We thought it would be great to organize an inter-ethnic and inter-religious educational camp and bring together participants from all areas. In such a space, everyone would see for themselves that there is nothing terrible in representatives of other religions and worldviews!”


In 2020-2021 

CRI organized

youth educational space for representatives of various religions and worldviews

from all 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan

Youth of any religion or belief from all over Kyrgyzstan were invited to participate in the program

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The educational program was divided into online and offline formats

The most active participants of the online sessions were invited to a 6-day youth forum camp...

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to study current topics

History of Religions in Kyrgyzstan

The role of youth in social processes

State and religion

media literacy

Human rights in the field of religion

Development of social initiatives

Stereotypes and prejudices


Interreligious Dialogue

The program was conducted by experienced professionals, volunteers, mentors, teachers and experts from different fields

The center has prepared a special manual in Russian and Kyrgyz, where all the topics of our camp are explained in simple language. 


These guides are open source!

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The manual tells about the history of religious diversity in Kyrgyzstan, stereotypes and prejudices , human identities , media literacy and ways to build a dialogue between religions


As part of the camp, a tour was organized to places of worship in Bishkek, where participants could get acquainted with the culture of various religions and ask questions

  • Central Mosque. Imam Sarahsi

  • Holy Resurrection Cathedral

  • Roman Catholic Parish of St. Archangel Michael

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In order to show the historical religious diversity of Kyrgyzstan, we organized a photo exhibition of rare archival photographs from the Central State Archive of the KFFD KR

Found photographs tell us about the diversity of religious and non-religious life in Kyrgyzstan in the past

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At the end of the school, the participants prepared their own socially significant initiatives implemented in their locations


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Our participants implemented as many as 7 social initiatives in different regions of the country

Initiative of the Peace Team from Karakol

The Peace team has held a number of events aimed at promoting human rights and religious freedom.

Educational sessions were held with invited experts who spoke about the religious and confessional diversity of Kyrgyzstan.


Face-to-face meetings in Karakol culminated in the creation of video clips promoting the ideas of respect and tolerance, human rights and individual freedom, as well as the unity of all people, regardless of their religion, beliefs or nationality.


The prepared videos were distributed on social networks.

Arturdulukko initiative from Osh

The Arturdulukko team created 15 educational and informative TikTok videos on religion in Kyrgyzstan. The positive effect is to spread the ideas of tolerance and promote human rights to freedom of religion, as well as to increase the level of education of the audience of the social network on the topic of religion in Kyrgyzstan.


The creative component in this case is the use of the entertainment social network TikTok as an educational channel.

Initiative of Michurin's team from Jalal-Abad

The positive contribution of the Michurin team is to increase the involvement of young people (mainly in the village of Oktyabrskoye) in solving social problems in the field of religion in Kyrgyzstan, to increase media literacy and awareness of religious processes in the country, to establish cooperation relations between young people from different regions of the country and to prevent tribalism. The goal of the project was to reduce the number of negative stereotypes, stigma and misunderstanding among schoolchildren through intellectual games and educational online sessions with participants and mentors from different regions of Kyrgyzstan.

The initiative of the Time Travel team from Osh

The "Time Travel" team held a photo and drawing contest on the theme of religious and ethnic diversity in Kyrgyzstan. At the end of the competition, an exhibition was organized in the museum of the city of Osh for all residents of the city.


The exhibition was aimed at promoting inter-religious and inter-religious and inter-confessional dialogue, human rights and religious freedom.


Volunteers were involved in activities and received additional training on the main ideas of the "Unity in Diversity" project.

The initiative of the Sunrise team from Naryn

The Sunrise team held a drawing competition on the theme of religious and ethnic diversity among students in grades 6-10 of the Kochkor district of the Naryn region.


The team organized an open drawing exhibition in the local Seyil Park for participants and all residents of the district to help engage youth and residents of the Kochkor region in understanding the religious diversity of Kyrgyzstan, dispel stereotypes about religion and representatives of different religions through public lectures and quizzes, and promote interfaith dialogue.

Initiative of the WOW team of Chui region

The WOW team held a series of events for schoolchildren in Bishkek aimed at reducing the level of bullying and aggression among young people.


The positive contribution of this initiative was to draw attention to the problems of violence among teenagers, bullying in schools; to activate the potential of young people to solve these problems, training in ways to prevent violence among young people (including in social networks), as well as to reduce the level of aggression among the group of participants, to promote the development of tolerance and mutual understanding in the youth society.

The initiative of the Picasso team from Jalal-Abad

The "Picasso" team organized and completed a street art drawing in the center of Jalal-Abad on the theme of inter-religious and inter-ethnic harmony and friendship. A positive contribution is the promotion of interfaith harmony through creativity, as well as the ennoblement of the city through creativity.


The drawing, created in Jalal-Abad, carries the ideas of friendship and cooperation between different nationalities and representatives of different religions for all residents of the city. In addition, the positive contribution of essay and video contests on the above topics is the involvement of young people in resolving conflicts between various social groups in Kyrgyzstan, and the materials created by the media have become conductors of ideas about the friendship of nationalities and religion.

After the successful implementation of the initiatives, the teams gathered again for presentation and exchange of experience with each other

In turn, the Center thanked all participants for their activity with memorable gifts

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